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Video conferencing

easy, fast and secure!

For our subscriber customers we offer timely and decisive local support.

Our experienced technicians will provide on-site technical assistance for troubleshooting and restoring your IT equipment.
With Exion companies operate. Always!!


No installation required.
It works with a simple Chrome browser
and easily start your video conference


Works with all devices.
notebook, desktop, tablet or smartphone
on Windows, Mac or Linux


All data only pass through Switzerland
our datacenters are protected with firewalls
the transmitted data is encrypted

Work Anywhere

Videoconferencing with Sonata
it is always available.
Log in to your computer
open your favorite browser
go to
and instantly enter your section.
And you start working right away. Your office is everywhere.

At the end of the video conference
all transmitted data is automatically deleted.

Extraordinary opportunities

No limit

Unlimited users
Video and audio fluidity
Works with all browsers
Videoconference screen sharing


Live messaging
Layout adaptable on all devices
Security in video, data and text transfer
Datacenter in Switzerland, connection protected by firewall


Mute for each user
Camera for each user
Screen magnification for each user
Share video conference, to invite other users

F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Sonata does not require any installation. Just have a simple browser on your device and click on the link

Sonata does not require any specific device. To start a video conference you only need a device that has a microphone and a video / photo camera.

Of course. You can make your video conference with Sonata with any device. Its design is responsive, it adapts to any device. 

Unlimited. You can start your video conference without any user limit. Each section or room has an access controller based on your package for your monthly use purchased.

Sonata allows you to purchase utilities based on your need for use. Each user is your guest, business colleague, client, etc. We allow you to purchase the amount of utilities that you could take advantage of monthly.
How it works: we dedicate a specific bandwidth, for your videoconference, based on the users you want. This will allow you to have a fluid and constant connections in your videoconference.

Of course. When you make your purchase, we suggest you attach the logo of your company possibly with a maximum size of 1046 × 268.

You must allow access to your camera and microphone. If you don't have a full camera or video camera with a sonata microphone, it will never work. Otherwise if you've most likely allowed you're using Safari. We ask you to change and use Chrome. It has many plugins for sharing video and audio. Our application is based on video/audio sharing over the internet, so the more a browser has plugins for sharing the more it is functional. 

Click on the link, in the "Let's put the title first" field, write the name of your room, for example "Ufficio-Fiduciari-Locarno", then click on "Next".

Press Allow. If you do not allow, you will never be able to access the Sonata application. This consent only enables the camera and microphone. It will be you who will later allow other functions.

Well you're almost there. In a moment you can start your video conference. You are not currently online and nobody can see or hear you. Now you just have to understand the opportunities that Sonata is offering you:

  1. 1 In the configuration you can use your name, assignment or function on "Docente_28"
  2. Select an alternative microphone to the auto configuration that the Sonata software has detected
  3. Select an alternative camera to the auto configuration that the Sonata software has detected
  4. Choose whether or not to share your screen with other users. (this function is always available also in video conference)
  5. Click on Enter and you're done



Sonata Educational is the first video conferencing platform created specifically for schools. 
It includes specific functions for the Home School study.
Exion Networks SA offers the platform for free Sonata Educational to all schools in Switzerland who wish to use a simple, totally safe and Swiss-made instrument.

What's included:

  • Unlimited classes
  • Members (students) unlimited
  • Anti intrusion security
  • Unlimited band connection
  • Daily data deletion
  • and much more.


CHF / per month
per 3 user


  • 1 room or section
  • 3 Users simultaneously per section
  • Anti intrusion security
  • Band connection limited to 3 users
  • Daily data deletion - Messaging
  • Share Screen function
  • Function A/D Mute
  • Function A/D Video Camera


CHF / per month
per 5 user


  • 1 room or section
  • 5 Users simultaneously per section
  • Anti intrusion security
  • Band connection limited to 5 users
  • Daily data deletion - Messaging
  • Share Screen function
  • Function A/D Mute
  • Function A/D Video Camera


CHF / per month
per user

RE/WL is for Reseller other White Label, this solution allows you to resell the Sonata platform to customers to your customers or directly to companies. We can apply your logo as a reseller or apply the logo of the company that uses the platform. We provide a complete private section on our servers granting you full access, room management, access management, bandwidth management, etc. . Customizing it with your domain. 
In addition, this solution is ideal for companies that want a completely private section, customize with their own logo, in this way allow exclusive access to all employees of their company.


  • Exclusive and private section
  • Unlimited room or section
  • Unlimited Users at the same time by section or on various sections
  • Intrusion security
  • Private Cloud for Custom Sonata section
  • Customizing Logo
  • Unlimited bandwidth connection
  • Deleting daily data
  • Messaging
  • Share Screen feature
  • Function A/D Mute
  • Function A/D Video Camera


Do you have more questions? We are always at your disposal.

If you want advice, one of our experts will contact you and make an appointment at your company.

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