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Exion Networks Sa Datacenter Ticino

The best Datacenter in Ticino

with maximum security and the best technology

Our Datacenter is located in Bioggio in Ticino.

It is equipped with all the necessary and necessary tools to make it a reliable and independent structure with maximum security.

Our Datacenter is located in a 24/7 supervised video bunker, equipped with all the necessary security systems to prevent any intrusion and redundant installations to prevent any possible outage caused by natural events, fires or power grid failures.

We have great high-speed connectivity is guaranteed by 6 network connections all individual fiber optic. In addition, we have a direct connection to a European Fibre ring, ensuring a complete fault-tolerance throughout Switzerland and also towards Italy, offering continuous services in critical situations even to banking and trusts.

Stable power supply

for high performance

Our Bioggio In Ticino Data Center has a higher electricity supply than the consumer standard.

A superpower to allow stability even in case of overload.

Electric generators GE

for an autonomy of 72 hours

Our Bioggio in Ticino-shaped Data Center has the highest quality and efficient electric generators of General Electrics to ensure a constant supply for 72 hours in the absence of electricity.

Technical features

Rack dimensionsDELL 42U da 100cm
Electrical distributionowned, lines A and B. 230V / 50Hz
UPSUPS ABB energy solutions, topology N + 1
UPS autonomyat least 20 minutes
Generator120kW diesel on-site
Generator autonomy72 hours minimum
Cooling downRedundant water / air heat pumps, N + 1 topology
Cooling typeHot and cold row
Environmental conditionsConstant at 23 ° C and 40% rH
Access controlTwo-factor (biometric and RFID)
Video surveillanceConstant with 24/7 monitoring and 30-day retention
Fire detectionSuction and smoke analysis with double circuit
AlarmsIntrusion, flood and fire alarm center 24/7
Carriers availableUPC (Liberty Global), COLT, Swisscom, Sunrise, Level 3 and Cogent


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