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About Us

We are the first VoIP suppliers in Ticino since 2005

Our company was founded in 2005 by a small team of developers Giorgio and Christian, two young IT developers who combining their IT skills and a desire to change, founded a small company called Exion Networks.

In 2005, internet technology was in its infancy. Few saw its potential and its global expansion.

The Exion team considered leveraging this technology by developing a communication system called VoIP "Voice Over IP", in practice making voice calls over the low-cost internet connection.

Inevitably they were very successful.

Local companies started immediately and wanted to know and take advantage of our technology. The expansion was fast and steady.

Interent continued to grow, to expand, the interconnections became very important. The Exion team immediately understood the need to adapt to demand.

Those who don't change never win.

In 2008 there was exponential growth, the first data center was created in Ticino.

Exion created its first data center in Manno, the first reliable independent facility close to local utilities in Ticino.

We started offering new products and services to all our customers such as Hosting, Virtual Server, Dedicated Servers, IT Technical Support, Ticino and beyond.

Thank you all from the Exion Networks S.A. team.

We provide everyone with our reliability and competence. Exion is regularly registered as a telecommunications service provider with the relevant federal authorities, and is certified as a telephone operator with the ability to port phone numbers. Thank you for visiting us. Exion Networks SA

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